Advice on Learning Outcome Orientation

The distinct difference between learning outcomes and learning goals is articulated in the use of words. Learning outcomes make it clearer which knowledge and skills are actually covered by your course. The clarity provided channels the choice of valid assessment methods, which in turn means having at least a rough idea of the learning processes required. After all, successful demonstration of what is being inspected requires adequate practice beforehand.

With learning outcomes, the benefit is that many of the uncertainties of didactic planning and implementation are dispelled right from the start. However, they must be developed in the right way: in the context of the learning outcome - assessment - learning situation three-step approach (also called constructive alignment).

We are happy to advise you how to complete these three steps successfully, either individually or in groups – whatever it is you need.




Should you have any questions about learning outcome orientation, it is best to contact us directly using our ticket line: