Advice on Teaching and Learning Technologies

The Teaching Support Center team offers advice on making the best use of the university’s central services such as TUWEL, LectureTube, TU Connect, etc. This advice not only covers the basic technological and didactic principles and first steps, but also includes workshops for in-depth understanding of our educational technologies.

Possible topics for discussion:

  • TUWEL basics
  • Making efficient use of TUWEL assessment
  • Taking exams in TUWEL
  • LectureTube workshop
  • TU Connect - web conferencing training course
  • Advice on the implementation options in the aptitude assessment procedure Moodle platform

Our current training programme with various workshops can always be found in TISS, under the menu item "Organisation >> Continuing education".

All current consultation appointments can be found here in TISS, opens an external URL in a new window


"Do you need individual advice?"

We also offer individual advice on every aspect of implementing courses with our educational technologies. Our team of advisers clarifies your project with you and helps you select suitable tools and features. Our advisory services are ideal for small groups, that is, three or more people from one institute. The best way to contact us about an appointment is to use the ticket line:




Should you have any questions about educational technologies, it is best to contact us directly using our ticket line: