Media-Didactical Advice

How can you help your students to develop the expertise defined in the curriculum without increasing your hours of work exponentially?

The Inverted Classroom Model/ICM has now become the classic response to this question. By deploying various methods, students use video, text, and test learning materials to independently acquire the desired knowledge and then, during the course, clear up any unresolved questions, uncertainties and errors with the support of their tutors and/or lecturers.
The ICM is an idealised approach that can be modified in different ways, depending on the framework conditions.

We will gladly advise you - both individually and in groups - on developing the right solution for you, to provide a satisfactory response to the initial question. If required, we can also provide workshops specific to the institute or the field of study.





Should you have any questions about media-didactical advice, it is best to contact us directly using our ticket line: