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Video conferences with Adobe Connect Pro

The “Video conference for teaching and research” service makes it possible for all TU Wien employees to hold web conferences. The Teaching Support Center makes the web-based software Adobe Connect Pro available for this purpose. Adobe Connect Pro is one of the most popular software solutions for live meetings. It is not platform-specific – to participate in the video conferences, users merely need a web browser and to have installed Adobe Flash Player.

Our services

Video conferences with Adobe Connect Pro, organised by the Teaching Support Center, are currently free of charge for all TU Wien employees.

Meeting rooms: On request, we will arrange a meeting room for the employees and assign moderator rights to the organiser. As many as 100 users can participate in each video conference meeting.

For more information about the procedure, see

NEW: TU Connect information folder, opens an external URL in a new window (2020 summer semester)

NEW: Info folder for TU Connect in English, opens an external URL in a new window (2020 summer semester)

Boundary microphone: If several users are seated at a computer and using the same microphone to communicate, we recommend working with a boundary microphone. The Teaching Support Center will happily provide one if required. Please send inquiries to: support@tuwel.tuwien.ac.at

Advice/training: The Teaching Support Center offers advice on suitable application scenarios in research and teaching.  During a workshop, we reveal tips and tricks on how to conduct a video conference in a professional manner. The range of available workshops can be found in the TU Wien continuing education programme and will also be offered on an individual basis for a group of 5 or more users on request.

See also: Rakoczi, G. & Herbst, I. (2011): 12 practical tips for successful web conferencing in university teaching, opens an external URL in a new window

The features and functions of Adobe Connect Pro

Practical communication tools: To improve cooperation in live meetings, interactive collaboration tools that are intuitive to use, such as chats, whiteboards and surveys, can be added to the video conferences.

Flexible layout design: The TU Connect meeting rooms can be designed individually, as the integrated Pods™ can be moved to any position. This means that each individual collaboration can have its own, specifically adapted environment. These settings can be saved and used again, of course.

Recording meetings: With TU Connect, video conferencing sessions can be conveniently recorded in a Flash Video format (.flv), with synchronised audio components. The integration of video files with TUWEL is easily accomplished, thanks to its integrated FLV Player. This makes integrating guest lectures into TUWEL courses an extremely simple process, for example.

Screen sharing: To share materials and resources, screen content can be authorised for other conference delegates (at window, application and desktop level). It is also possible to access the other computer remotely.

Simple invitation: Users have access to the meeting rooms at any time – no need for reservation or registration. To extend the invitation, simply send the links to the specified meeting rooms to the persons involved in each case.

What is needed

To ensure that conference participation runs smoothly, an internet connection must be provided and the following technical requirements met:

  • PC or laptop with installed web browser
  • Adobe Flash Player (version 8 or higher)
  • Headset (if required)
  • Webcam (if required)

Additional hardware requirements can be found here: Link to Adobe Connect, opens an external URL in a new window

(Note that under Linux (subject to distribution) full functionality cannot be guaranteed).


TU Connect screenshot

TU Connect screenshot

Poll pod in TU Connect

Poll pod in TU Connect

Share pod in TU Connect

Share pod in TU Connect